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Global Craigslist World for A free store of Import Project Like Turnkey Products Electronics, Plant, Machinery Venture for Manufacturer

Global Venture impex is one of that business which is try to make new trend in the market for how to making business with help of your nearest and dearest. Global Venture impex do not try to give you any assignment for taking your valuable time but wanted that all of you just think like what happen when you think something ans some one offer you or you know that things which your nearest and dearest wanted from you? so life will be easy and open. Global Venture impex is business establishment from so long time like all other business entity do for them self, but all entity was passed from very heard examination which is collecting from the market and other business associates now what will be happen sin crowd of market so many ideas going die before born and there is main problem is that idea cant peak right platform which support it to born and develop it self, so for making easy marketing many company come with those idea to give platform for those idea where this ideas will develop but there are so many draw back and first is to register there first and become a member then only that platform will work for that idea and this plat form is like Binary marketing, Reference Business, MLM plans, Affiliation system, B2B marketing… etc. do you know after all of this that idea cant grow and one day it will be die in the corner of market where this corner is black hole like stars die in it means all ideas dissolved there and after that no one will find out it ever.

Okay so Global Venture Impex is also one kind of profit making company so how can it give some work like NGO ? that is not possible …. Right …?? your thinking like this same. okay now refer under indicated some examples and please think over it just for positive way…

01 Microsoft corporation world biggest corporate company and now they have being most bigger NGO too, when they start business that is just one kind of idea and they have not just good luck but heard work and become on one standing stage after that they support many ideas and do one thing to merge them in to Microsoft still doing same here there is same thing happen every idea will have name that is Microsoft where is individual entity.

02 MacDonald Corporation is biggest franchiser chin business they do their business like Microsoft but they leave one thing which Microsoft cant be leave that is individual entity and that satisfaction.

02 Amway Corporation Keep one step ahead then MacDonald they give Individual entity + Satisfaction but here one thing that where is the idea?

means idea which is one of the most important thing which may be one product or services all this will be some time belongs to mother corporation or if it is not mother corporation then it will be depends up on it, So if i Have Idea and i want to start my business so i need one plat form where first i can get place where i can put my idea and then show of to customers and when customer approve that i can sale it and earn it something so i can make expenses after that production even I have sufficient balance of fund i can improve my idea but all after this support in need my idea will be min and only min.

if i go to the MLM company, Binary or fragrance business company or B2B marketing company they give me platform but that platform is for some certain part only and if i need to open up my idea for other field i need to quit from this platform and even for the first time i need to register as paid user so where is the open opportunity…?

Now turn to think something different so Global Venture Impex give this plat form to you there is registration but free definitely we don’t act like NGO but what we do when your idea is successful we collecting some of commission from your side when your idea become young and earned guy and for this commission we will give you all the market support like Marketing tips, Tips of Development idea, Selling tricks, Finance support and many many thing which you need to think before placing your idea but now with us don’t west your time to manage all this subject matter just concentrate on your idea and leave all other headache on us we will like to give all the support so your and your idea will grow with your name with your entity satisfaction and do your know what most thing you will earned that is good will cause here we support you as your back hand to develop your idea and for so many others too then many ideas become very big plat for for the market and this platform create very huge market place so you can come with us register with us customer for giving live and present market field or participate to help with us for developing ideas or affiliate member where you can sale our existing product which we sale under our Global Venture Impex Banner or you can register with your idea as vendor as we are always available here …. so what is your mind set what do you think for our idea to do business please not just thanks full for us cause we are not your finds we are your business partner and always ready to become your part of the business who always eager to grownup…. so if you like then appreciate up we need it ….