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Global Associates Contactus
Global Associates Contactus

Distributor ship

  1. Investment Terms:
    • Deposit 8,000 $ refundable if contract through one year.
    • Office minimum 15 f X 10 f owned or rented.
    • Office furniture well maintained.
  2. Knowledge Terms:
    • Computer known.
    • Internet known.
    • Market skilled.
    • Well known of market relations.
    • Administrative skilled.
  3. Target and Performance Terms:
    • Minimum one any of our product’s order must done.
    • Must follow up head office contact which is count in your account.
    • Must help our other distributor when ever they need.
    • Must attend training when ever organized.
    • Must attend organized events of functions.
  4. What we offer for your business:
    • One laptop.
    • One Printer.
    • One USB Data connection for internet with bill paid.
    • Centrally organized advertising and marketing training and functions.
    • All kind of need full office stationery and fixtures under control as head office ruled.
    • One Prepaid mobile Phone but billing on your head.
    • One TAB PC with 3G ability but billing on your head.
    • Company Banner for your office presentation.
  5. What is the cause of breach of contract:
    • If you dose not follow the guideline from head office.
    • Lick important information to the market or other rivals.
    • Miss use of any docs or matter.
  6. What happen if breach of contract:
    • Your distributor ship will cancelled and deposit amount will not refundable
    • Your remain earned commission will be failed.
  7. How much commission you get:
    • Per month 10,000 $ sales business give you 4% of original price.
    • Per Month 10,000 $ to 100,000 $ sales business give you 5% of original price.
    • In three month 250,000 $ sales business give you 6% of original price.
    • In one year 2,000,000 $ sales business give you company car worth 20,000 $
    • In Two years 50,000,000 $ sales business will give you company partner ship.
  8. How to calculate business done:
    • The token or full amount paid up in the month that month is calculate as your achievement month.
    • Commission will be paid up after whole transaction will full filled.
  9. What is the liability of distributor:
    • liable for business earning
    • customer supporter
    • after sale answer.
    • In sale amount collector and regular depositor.
    • Liability to drive and perform well in office and communication administration.
  10. What is company liability:
    • Will deliver goods in time.
    • Even in Import or in the mater of Manufacturing the product delivery will within 40 to 65
      days max.
    • On time placing market support and communication support.
    • If distributor want to cancel the contract on right time company will reverse the deposit
      withing 60 days.
    • If Good not deliver on time company will paid up 250/- Rs per day to customer till 15 day
      late delivery but if there is more then 15 days company will pay 1000/- Rs to customer
      for per day lat.
    • Non success distributor will got there deposit after deduction of whole company effort
      expanses like Laptop, Printer, Mobile phone, TAB PC, USB Data connection and minimum
      5000 $ as other expanses.
    • All jurisdiction will be attend only in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India Only.

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